Username Post: Time To Defend the Sizzix!!
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  • ekip2 on 03-24-09 07:13 PM

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I love my big kick - my sidekick and my original red sizzix sit unused in the closet (should think about selling them). I use the big kick ALL the time - like on almost every layout. I also have the cricut and like it but sometimes the bigkick is easier..its easier to use the nestabilities label die since I already know the exact size. When I start using my Cricut I end up having to cut a sample to see if its the right size and then make adjustments and it takes up too much of my crafting time..but on the other hand I really like using the cricut when I don't have a die for the sizzix and I always cut titles w/the cricut...ok I'm rambling so I think I better go to bed...nite all!

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