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Hello Everyone! I just wanted to bring this threaad up to the top again because I think it is an important and fun thread that can add alot to your scrapbook and you can ask others for help on finding information and give information like you have already done to help others move forward with their project!

Being that it is a holiday weekend and may of us will see family members. Don't forget to take along that tape recorder and a pad and a pencil and take notes on what stories rellies have. Ask them if you can have a copy of any photos they might have. With everyone there you might get more input to who married who and where and when and how many children they had and even some names to follow up on. Occupations, residency and stories make great things to put in a Journal book. As you make up pages you will get more information that you can add to other pages. I just work back from who is present back from their generation to the past generation..soon you can start looking up things using birth certificates, census, church records, marriage certificates and death certificates. Family Bibles are a good thing to ask about too! If your family does not have one than ask for Funeral cards that someone might have kept so you can begin gathering information that way too!

HAPPY HUNTING AND HAPPY EASTER! Take advantage of this family time. Take five minutes to interview each person who is visiting or celebrating with you this holiday!

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