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Good Morning!

Love the new place, all the glitter gives it class

Ria - I already have Lyrical letters. Its a great one.

Meagan - I am with Michelle, I want to know what cart you bought and took back. I am proud that you were able to stay strong and not buy anything.

I can't even go to the scrappy stores when I am banned from spending for awhile. I will end up with something. I am not good at resisting

Monica - I am glad you weren't offended. The problem with this medium is your not always sure the way something is intended. I can honestly say I am not the best communicator through writing and I always say things out of concern or trying to be helpful but it doesn't always come out right in my writing.

Meagan - Vent away! My dh works for a plant here in Houston and they have shut downs were they can't come home for a certain periods of time. I hate it. This only happens every four years. I know it must be hard. Do your parents live close by? Could anyone sit the kids for a couple of hours so you could get some "you" time and a bit of a break?

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