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ahhh haa I found it. I couldnt remember exactly where I found this one in the first place was looking in the tips forum thinking I could have sworn it was here. why cant I find it duh it was the critique section. thanks Barbara for clearing my dumbness up.

btw I want trying to be rude I just have alot on my mind

I didnt tell you all this casue theres was others needing more sympathy and what not but my mom might have cancer in her colon she has been sick for 3 months now. we are trying to save up to go see her in july. I'm just trying to keep my mind busy and off "things"

this weekend my goal will be to get my list of carts I feel horrible I'm so sorry

the pooh font is awesome dh bought that one for me the last round they were on sale at M;s

my lo isnt on the first post from our challenge need me to re link it to here I can

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