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Welcome, Amanz!

The only album I buy is the Creative Memories brand. You have to buy it from a representative or online. It is more expensive than some others you can buy, but it is high quality. The pages are buffered, which makes it easier to change things around, adhesive-wise, and less likely for any acidic elements to bleed. The album is strap hinged which makes it possible to expand. That plus the make-up of the spine allows you to have quite a few pages so you don't have to buy as many albums. Two page layouts look nice because the straps allow the two pages to be close together when the album is opened.

There are many fans of the post-bound albums, also. Some people get many layouts in an album because of post extenders, while others find them hard to work with.

Fans of D ring albums are happy with the ease of adding pages anywhere in the album you want. The disadvantage of that is they are not as sturdy and the two page layouts end up being far apart when you open up the album.


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