Username Post: July *Use It Or Lose It Challenge!* (Done!)
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10. Anne (taeklund) (5/5) = DONE!

- I will use both butterflies, at least 1/4 of the stars paper lace, at least 2 titles using the chipboard letters (they may be altered in some form using paint or ink), I will create at least 2 layouts using the circle stencil, and I will create a layout using the overlay!

- I used the circle template, one of the butterflies, and the letters in the title. I am working on another one with the other butterfly and the circle template.

Bloom By Taeklund

- Here is the other using the letters and the star paper lace!

American Girls By Taeklund

- This one I used some of the basic grey chipboard...painted it and stickled it for the words "at the"

Fun at the Fourth By Taeklund

- I used 4 out of my 5 products on this layout! The prima butterfly, the circle stencil, the overlay, and the basic grey letters.

Love By Taeklund

- I used some of the red paper lace and the chipboard letters on this one.

Boomers By Taeklund

- And lastly, I used some of the blue paper lace and the chipboard letters on this one! I have now used all 5 of my products!

Daddy By Taeklund

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