Username Post: July *Use It Or Lose It Challenge!* (Done!)
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12. Bev (scrapperbee) (5/5) = DONE!

- Obviously the flowers I haven't used, the stamp set it's been a long time, and I still haven't used the punch on a lo. I could have added a lot more, but these are a priority for me for now.

April Roses By Scrapperbee

- Here's my lo with the prima vine--didn't think I'd ever use it, doesn't fit my style or my pics; but I made it happen, thanks to this challenge! = Done!

First Plane Ride By Scrapperbee

- Here's my lo for my threading water punch = Done!

Mother's Day 09 By Scrapperbee

- Here's my lo with the pink flourishes--worked perfect with mil's pic! = Done!

50 Years By Scrapperbee

- Here's another lo, well a two-pager, with the glitz rubons, this time the white ones = Done!

Girls Treat By Scrapperbee

- Here's #4, one more to go, plus my mask = Done!

Fishin' Time By Scrapperbee

- And here's my mask lo--the one I couldn't find! = Done!

Friends By Scrapperbee

- Here's my last one! = Done!

Home By Scrapperbee

- Another lo using my threading water punch = Done!

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