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This is the only example I can think of right now to show you guys. orth...

Let me try to explain what I'm asking a little more clearly, I know it's hard to understand what I mean since I don't really even know =]

The pages in that book examples above are held into the entire album by holes in the page it's self rather then being inside of a sleeve.

ALSO, the page is pressed so that it folds a little easier with out damaging the entire thing.

I went to the craft store today to see if there were any books with pages like I was looking for and that was the one I found, how ever I could not find any refill pages for it.

Now, I might be wrong but I think that there is also something that you can adhere to the edge of the page that has the holes that keeps the page bound to the album.

I hope this was more helpful to you guys to try to direct me in the right direction!!!

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