Username Post: I think I'm going to switch from post bound to 3 Ring Albums
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Tell me I will be happy. I've always been a little concerned about 3 Ring Albums looking a lot like office 3 ring binders. I'm tired of post bound because I hate messing with extending the posts and trying to get the pages to lay flat even with the chipboard strips to fill in.
I just looked at the Keeping Memories Alive Albums and really like the look of them. I know they say 12x12, but when you put the page protectors in, do they hang over the edges of the album? Does it hold standard 12x12 page protectors? Does anyone know if the Dollar Tree page protectors hang over the edge? Those page protectors are what I use and they have an extra strip between the hole strip and the paper pocket, which makes them a bit longer. Those who use them will know what I mean. About how many pages would you guess fits in the 3 ring? I know the amount varies depending on how many embellisments and how thick each layout is due to embellishments.
Thanks for the advice and thoughts! Also if you dislike 3 ring albums, would you mind sharing why?

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