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Great new challenges Ami!! I really like the old and new idea. Although most of my really old just went to the LSS for the garage sale...LOL

SO, I spent several hours at my sister Missie's Summer Cabin Lake Community for their big corn roast festival. Missie called kinda last minute and asked if I would come help her do face painting. So Connor and I went thinking it would be simple hearts, flowers, balloons, stars....etc. OH NO, she had about 25 different FULL/HALF FACE designs to pick from. Like the ones you pay $15 for at the amusement parks. FOR FREE. Now, I have NO artisitic ability. She got it all in the womb. So I was lost. I only satyed for 3 1/2 hours and bailed by lying and telling her I had to be home when Ryan got home...LOL My back and shoulders hurt so bad from bending over these little kids for 20+ minutes each kid. UUGHHHHH, remind me to say NO when she asks again next year. It was horrible. Or we can have a simple and intricate line....LOL

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