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I had about 150 pictures from a trip to NYC in 2006 and finally gave up and put them chronologically in a photo album instead of scrapping them. I couldn't figure out which ones to scrap and how to scrap at least 30-50 pictures of one trip. *sigh* I feel like I just gave up, but I was so overwhelmed. I've got a trip to Disney World that I just know is going to be the same way. Scrapping one or two pictures and photo-albuming the rest.

Does anyone else throw in the towel like this sometimes?

I don't condifer it throwing in the towel.
I never scrap all my vacation pics. I always take way too many to scrap so I buy a photo album from a gift shop of the place I went and place all my photos from my trip in that album. I than make copies of the pics I really like, and am inspired to scrap, and I scrap those.

I have done this on all the trips i have gone on:
My mexican cruise
San Franciso
Grand Canyon

and I plan on doing it for my Hawaii trip.

I think it takes the pressure off which makes the few pics you do scrap so much fun to scrap! Plus, because I buy a photo album from the gift shop of the place I've gone it matches my pics and it looks so nice!!

It's our tradition now and whenever we go anywhere we now all seek out an album for our pics!!

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