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Welcome to the newest critique group here on - just for digital scrapbookers!

Many of these have come and gone...but I (along with my very talented friend Scrappercaz) are going to make every attempt to keep trying to keep one active!

This is for all digital scrapbookers, no matter if you are in another group or not.

We created this group because we want to find active digital members. The gallery has become inundated with people who only post to promote products, so we want to find those digi scrappers who want to give and receive love, honest critiques, and friendship as active participating members of We could also exchange info on freebies, sales, tutorials, etc. Maybe some challenges even?? Perhaps we could also teach each other a thing or two about our respective software!

Jump in. Say hi. Tell us about yourself and your style, and whatever else you might like to share! Looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones!!


jhawkeye - Kate - blog
scrappercaz - Carolyn
peenut_23 - Jill - blog
kuzatab - Kara
Lori...ProudArmyMom - Lori - blog
scrappycath - Cathy - blog
glensgirl - Erin
Obsidian - Jude
jetje - Jetje
nkochrn - Nichole
LindaC - Linda

Current Challenge:

Kara - lift from Linda
Kate - lift from Jetje
Shellina - lift from Kara
Jetje - lift from Carolyn
Linda - lift from Shellina
Nichole - lift from Kate
Carolyn - lift from Nichole

Pick a LO from the other person's gallery and lift it keeping the main elements the same (i.e. colours as near as possible, number of photos, basic design/layout/positioning ) but you may add or omit small elements or details.

Due Sunday 30th January.

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