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I guess I need a bit more of an intro!

I am mom to a 3 year old (Abigail aka Abba), and wife to my dh of 12 years. Speaking of which, our anniversary is in just over a week and I forgot until this very second.

My style is ... um, I have no clue. I just do whatever works! I LOVE Amanda Taylor's stuff (TaylorMade designs) and I mostly shop oscraps (Kitty Designs, TaylorMade).

Speaking of online shops, did you guys see that werstorytellers is going out of business? That was one of my FAVE stores!!!!!

ALL of their kits are now 50% off and seriously, they have some nice stuff. I plan on doing a little shopping spree later - go and have a peek!

www dot wearestorytellers dot net/boutique/home.php

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