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Awwwwwww I've been accepted!!!!! I'm so very excited!

I guess I need to introduce myself. My name is Kristi and I'm a slow scrapper. My DH and I have been married 4yrs the 24th of this month. Between the 2 of us we have five children and ONE grandbaby. I totally should have just signed up for being a grandma because it is soooooooooooo much fun! Only problem is grandgirl is in NC and I'm in Ohio but we are looking to move there hopefully in the near future.

In February I will be turning the big 40, but I'm excited, bring it on!

I am also the proud owner of a basset hound, Molly Mae, however, she is suffering from an identity crisis, she does not know she is a dog. I always thought people who were gaga over their pets were a lil loopy, but now that I am a pet parent I totally get it.

Just one more blurb and I'll shut up. I totally love and actually hosted a crop at my house this past summer with some of my friends from here. They came from MO, PA and MA all to visit and scrap! (Holla! Granmary,Justowen, J3Mel, Michellescraps,Shayla) They were very supportive of my slow scrapping style. Actually, I was too busy making sure they had enough to eat, and had everything they needed in order to scrap in peace.

I look forward to widening my friendship circle. Unfortunately, my Tech person blocked my SB access from so now I can only visit at night or on the weekends. I will try to keep up.

Have a great evening! I'm off to check out galleries.

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