Username Post: October *Use Or Lose It* Challenge! (Done!)
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15. Bev (scrapperbee) (5/5) = DONE!

Here are my three from the store and two in a pic:

Use It or Lose It
By Scrapperbee

I will use at least two of the inks, two of the circle templates, and three of the paws.

Here's my lo with the transparency--1 done!

le Chef
By Scrapperbee

Did this for the sketch challenge--and used three of my items--2 of the inks, 2 of the dies, and the distress paint--which I will never buy again--too expensive for what you get in my opinion.

New Look
By Scrapperbee

Here's my last one--the three paws!

Bear's Pup
By Scrapperbee

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