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I'm looking for a good scrap book. Part of the issue I'm having is that places like Walmart, Target, and so on don't sell scrap books. They sell expensive photo albums.

I don't want a book with just album slots. And I don't want it to just be a bunch of plastic pages and slots.

I want something that will hold ticket stubs from a Football game I went to, have paper for notes about pictures I add, have non-plastic slots for say a bracelet I used to wear in high school, beads from vacation I took, sea shells from the beach, etc.

The cruddy thing about buying online is the never show a full display of the pages. It will just say 40 pages, 12 X 12, scrapbook...and invariably that will mean, only holds pictures.

I don't really have the time to go to a scrap hobby shop, put together my own design, get the materials, and then build it (while that would be rewarding cause I love art and get satisfaction from creating, just no time).

So why am I having so much trouble just finding a scrapbook someone already made that is exactly what I need??

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