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*Welcome to the Secret Sisters Swap!
Rosita and I will be co-hosting this swap again~and I hope it continues to be so much fun each and every round!


1. In order to join this swap, you must have 1000 posts or be a sister with us already in good standing, or have another swap member that will vouch for you. If you don't have these things, contact Rosita or me and we will decide. We want new people to sign up and have fun in our swap, but since this is a 25.00 minimum, we have to make sure everyone who participates will complete the swap! Thank you for understanding!

2. This swap will begin on April. 1. I will match up the sisters on March 20 and send them out to you right away. Feel free to start teasing your sister, sending her e-cards, and/or shopping for her anytime after you receive her name!

3. You will send her a package (examples would be some scrap supplies, candy, a favorite item (precious moments figurine, a willow tree decoration, etc. etc., depending on what your sister collects or likes) You will also be required to send her at least one message ON THE THREAD with an alternate id each month and you should feel free to send messages/cards online or through snail mail!

4. This round, we have a price MINIMUM of $25.00. You are required to spend at least that amount each month on your swap partner for three months NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING COSTS!

*just a little note, PLEASE look at your sisters wish list and get some general ideas from your sister about what she likes. You can pm her directly through your alternate id and ask her what her likes/dislikes are. If your sister doesn't have any children...she isn't going to want a bunch of kid items. It is just nice for your swap sis to know that you purchased these items for her...they aren't just stuff you threw in a box and hoped for the best

5. You would not put your name on the package/envie so you will remain a secret. It's a good idea to use a family members name as the return address, a trusted neighbor, or you can put your hubby to good use and use his name!

6. You can look up your partners profile to get some ideas of what to send. They have also been instructed to update their wish list. will actually ship your item out to your sister if you include a note to block out your name and address information because it is for a secret sister exchange. This is often an easy and cheaper way to send your sister items directly from her wish list...and who doesn't like getting things from their own wish lists?

7. You must check into this thread at least once a week. Communication is vital in this swap because the purpose of this swap is to get to know your fellow swappers! You'll get more out of this swap the more you post, and your ss can get more ideas as to what to send you.

8. Secret sisters will end on June 15, 2010 and shortly after we will host a reveal party here online!

9. Never hesitate to pm me or Rosita if you have any questions, or need to know something specific from your SS. Rosita and I are here to help you!

10. Please mail your RAKS/gifts/cards out no later than: April 5, May 5th, and June 5th. That should give the package time to arrive before end of the month. *THIS ROUND, IF YOU HAVE NOT SENT SOMETHING TO YOUR SISTER IN A REASONABLE AMOUNT OF TIME, YOU WILL BE CONTACTED AND REMOVED FROM THE SWAP...AND WE WILL SWITCH IT AROUND SO THAT EVERYONE RECEIVES! I am not playing around with this! I HATE to see someone getting flaked on when they are faithful and send to their partners. I will NOT TOLERATE flakers in this will be removed and not able to participate in any future swaps with us. If I contact you and you can provide a tracking number, that is acceptable. I understand mail issues happen too, so this will make the swap more organized.

11. Have fun, chat, share lo's, anything goes in this thread!

12. You must have at least 1000 posts in order to sign up. If you have fewer than that, Rosita and I will need to pre-approve you joining. If you have someone who will vouch for you or you are referred by someone, let us know that too. Do not bother signing up if you have flaked in this swap before! You will be removed immediately!

13. To sign up, send me a PM with this information:
Screen Name
Email address
Phone number (This will not be given out, but is for my records in case something happens to you)
Do you collect anything?
Favorite snack
List of things you would like to receive (or a link to your wishlist which you will keep updated).
Are you willing to send to an international sis this round???

Secret Sister Basics:

1) Create an additional ID to log on to (so you can communicate with your ss on the thread and send PMs, etc.)You do have to contact your sister on this thread AT LEAST once a month (preferably more!) A good idea is to post when you mail out a package and "tease" them about some of the goodies included!

2) Send a card. (a snail mail card or an e-card are always great to receive!)

3) Type a letter or note to your sis. Be sneaky and devious.

4) Remember, it doesn't have to be scrap stuff only but should include some scrap stuff too!

*****Also, I must reiterate: DO NOT SIGN UP for this swap unless you are prepared to make a commitment to it. People have had their feelings hurt in the last swap, and I do not want to see that happen again. If something happens during the swap that affects your ability to keep participating, please contact Rosita or myself...we both just want EVERYONE to enjoy this swap, get to know each other, and enjoy spoiling someone and getting spoiled in return!

So let's have some fun and get started!!

LIST OF PARTICIPANTS (*I have received your information)

1. Rosita*
2. Thinkpink22*
3. sdenison*
4. donnalynneRNC*
5. scrapbrarian*
6. nikilynn*
7. jackie9635*
8. scrappy grandma*
9. krissyclarkmckee*
10. tina scraps*
11. twinkletwinklestarr*
12. ladycraftcrack*
13. RachelUK*
14. Msnickers2*
15. Lavona
16. faithscrapper*
17. Charlena*
18. Deb-doodle*
19. Scrappin kitty*
20. Scrappiepammie*
21. youvegotmel*
22. scrappintastic*
23. avpinky327*
24. trishaLouise*
25. JMorales*
26. Lydbug*
27. fortunes fool*


Challenge #1 by Melody (youvegotmel)
Here's my challenge:
There are two requirements:
1. I want to see you ladies do a mostly black and white layout... at least 80% of the layout should be in black and white. (Shades of grey are acceptable too)and
2. Include a quote. It could be your favorite all time quote, or a quote that seems to go well with whatever pic(s) you're scrapping, or a quote from someone that you know...any kind of quote!

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