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I know what you are asking for.... I got a "memory" book at mny bridal shower that has "pockets" for momentos. I beleive it came from Halmark. Maybe they have other, non themed related books? Or get what you can find and recover it.

I do not think this would be hard to make. Like others have said, all you need is a 3 ring binder, sheet protectors for LOs and cardstock to make your own "pockets" (or even easier premade larger envelopes. Decorate how you wish.

Etsy has vendors that will make things for you. We use them with our brides all of the time when we can not find something reasy made. Best bet would be to find a vendor who makes custom scrapbooks and describe what you need.

Good luck and post a pic when you find or make what you want. This would be cool to see.



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