Username Post: What kind of Die Cut machine should I get?
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I used to own a Wishblade personal cutter and sold it to pay for a Pazzles Inspiration. I think the learning curve for the Wishblade was too steep, instructions were very poorly written, and customer service didn't have a lot of the answers. The Pazzles Inspiration machine is computer based whereas Cricut is cartridge based. The big difference between the two is Pazzles was created for people who like to make their own designs. It does come with a few shape files already loaded, but not many. You can use their software that is included or use Adobe Illustrator to make the designs, then import them into Pazzles to cut it. BTW, Pazzles cuts fabric and chipboard also. On the other hand, the Cricut is cartridge based, and you can use their software (only sold separately) to design things, but you can only design using the shapes on their cartridges. So if you don't own a certain cartridge you can't cut that part of the design! The cartridges can be both cheap and pricey costing anywhere fron $19.99 to $89.99. Now in spite of what I just told you, I bought a Cricut after owning the Pazzles for 1 1/2 years. I like the Pazzles, but felt that I don't ALWAYS want to make my own designs, I like the fact that I can quickly pick a premade design from a cartrige I own. I found that Pazzles was frustrating sometimes, becasue the auto-trace feature leaves a lot to be desired. Now that I have both cutters AND a Cricut Gypsy, I'm happy with both. I can design things on my Gypsy that I can't do with just the Cricut, and I LOVE it! I hope this gives you some insight into the personal cutter world and maybe amswers your question

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