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  • IzzyB on 07-10-10 01:13 PM

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If you are talking about small pull out tags, I very often include these on my layouts, most commonly underneath a photo.

The most important thing to remember is to create a pocket on the back of the photo before adhering the photo on the layout. Seal three sides and leave one side open for the tag. Make the pocket a little wider than the tag but less deep (not as tall as the tag). That way, the tag can't slide all the way in and get lost.

I usually add a ribbon to the tag so that it's clear to the viewer that he/she should pull out the tag to read the hidden journaling.

In your design, you should consider the space that the peeking-out part of the tag will take on your page and design that as part of the page. In other words, don't think of the page design as having a completely hidden tag, but rather a slightly poking out one.

Here's an example of a tag in a pocket under a photo.

Snowbody Melts My Heart By IzzyB

One more, though this tag isn't very hidden - at all! But it does slide into a pocket under the photo.

2 Months Old By IzzyB

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