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Leaving? Was it something I said??
What to Pack? When are you leaving?? Well first of all, do not pack it, if you have a week till you leave SHIP IT Just send it ahead!

Personally, I think these are basics:
  • White Paper (paper packs ship nicely!)
  • Paper packs I have a couple shown as examples
  • adhesive tape and 6 pack of refills for the tape I use the Tombow it is light and packs easily with a protective cover on the tape
  • Glue pens terrific little travelers!
  • one 18" Ruler
  • Colored pens, basic pack
  • Paper cutter
  • extra blades (important!)
  • Scissors! Love the BEE they are small, have a protective cover and travel well!
  • ribbon to match the color pack (approx 1 yard each)
  • embellis!! get the die cut out and all the things you've wanted to try but haven't...DO IT!
  • BRADS (A couple bags of these for flower centers, dots on i't and just because!)

But that's me!

Shipping is better! You know where you are going and they know who you are so when it gets there no worries. Of course what you have left you can definitely bring back in an extra bag. Either get a bag there or stuff an extra in the luggage.

Have fun! will miss ya, Missa!

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