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I used to worry about sticking myself or others by using the pins. Once I started using them though I realized that only an idiot would stick themselves. You really have to go out of your way to rake your hand across the card/LO to stick yourself.

It's conceivable that it could happen, but usually the tip end is UNDER a pile of flowers or something, so that makes it much harder, I agree, in that case you'd have to rake your hand over it,,,,

I gave up on stick pins because people would goo ooh what a pretty pin pull it out of the lo and stick themselves. So I started using hat pins with cap's on the end. And people would go oh a hat pin pull it out of the lo tear the page.

Some people don't get decoration for the sake of decoration.

But these are the same type of people who must remove staples from any stapled document. You know the type; 'Oh a staple...'

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