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Distressed in September

Once again let’s get distressed. Any new information will be in red.

This is a month long challenge to show off your distressed layouts. Share as many as you like (as long as they have some distressing), but pick one for the challenge. Be sure to note if it's for the challenge or for sharing because I plan to stream line the front page with both.

~~One Catch you must check in at least twice to be in for the poll, and you must try to leave comments on others (if you get love, give love-live like hippies). I will link your lo to the first page.

~~This Month's Twist (optional)~~ wet distress-- Thank you Amarilys for the tutorial link:

*Your lo has to be new as of Aug 31, of this year it can be used for other challenges.
**Upload your lo here by Sept. 30th time
***You can enter one lo for this month!
****It is your responsibly to make sure your lo is on the first page for voting
*****Single or double page LO's are fine. Paper or Digi. Any size is allowed too!
******When the challenge has been closed, you can pm me your top ***FIVE****layouts.
*******Don’t vote for yourself as you will get a vote from me for sending in your votes.
********Share the love

1. Go to the layout in your gallery.
2. Click on 'Edit Image' tab under the layout.
3. Scroll down to the bottom left side.
4. Check the box that says, ‘Allow Public Embedding’.

1. Go to the layout in your gallery.
2. Click on 'Share AnyWhere' on the 'share' tab beside the layout.
3. Click on 'IMG code' button.
4. Copy and paste the code which starts [url...] into the forum thread.

So what does JCI, MMS, and ACU mean?
Acronym List Link

Winner's Circle

A Fathers Love By WendyG-SA

~**EXTREME**~ By WendyG-SA

Beauties ~Swirlydoos~ By Craftysprinkles

Sargent By Debby_westbrook

new glasses (TCR#19) By Amarilys

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