Username Post: Neat & Classy?! >.<
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I didn't know where to put this really, because the "other crafts" section doesn't include anything close to what I'm making. But its still scrapbook style. o.<

I've been asked to make a journal for my friend's wife. This is really hard to do since I don't know her and what she really likes. I've been trolling her facebook to figure it out, but I can't! He told me "Maybe just something that looks neat & classy. I'd say no ribbons or frilly stuff though. Thanks a lot for making it, her birthday is September 29th so it'd be cool if I could give it to her then but don't rush to get it done by then, I'm getting her another gift too."

...I haven't even STARTED on it yet because I don't even know what would be considered "neat & classy"
Does anyone have any suggestions? =[

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