Username Post: Advent Calendar Questions...HELP!
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Not only am I semi-new to scrapbooking in general, I have done a lot of other crafting. I have done what some would call major projects, that include simple sewing, design, gluing and other "simple" techniques. Like making Sesame Street Characters for my DS's 1st bday, last year he was a volcano for Halloween (I made the costume), making bday games for DD's party, and made my prom dress forever ago. However, I REALLY want to do at least one of these boxes, but I don't know how the ones that are shown were done. Did you just cut and glue, or do decoupage, or painting? I've never done decoupage, so I'd really be lost. If you did painting or cut & glue, how did you go about it.

If someone could at least give me a little direction or jumping off point, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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