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Welcome to The Organizational A-Z Support Group!

- Do you desperately need to organize your space?
- Do you like to organize 365 year-round?
- Do you relate to the words 'uber organized', 'micro-organized' & or 'overly organized'?
- Do you perhaps suffer from Organizational OCD?
- Can you talk about organizing on any given day & twice on Tuesdays?

Well, then this group is certainly for YOU!

This group will be A Perpetual 365 Support Group for those of us scrappers that NEED TO be, WANT TO be & STRIVE TO be completely organized once & for all when it comes to our spaces.

The following list includes many of the topics that we will be going through, 1 each at a time!

Sound good?

If so, Are You Ready? (Got determination?)...
All Set? (Got a huge mess to tackle?)...
Then...By all means, Let's Go!! (Let's organize!)

{The ABC's of Organization} By KellyCali

Topic Challenges

A - Adhesive/Albums/Alpha Letters/Alpha Stickers/Artist Trading Cards/Artwork
B - Binders/Bling/Brads/Butto ns
C - Calendars/Card Making Supplies/Cardstock/Chalks /Chipboard/Colors/Color Station/Computer Station/Crop Supplies
D - Decor/Desk/Diecutting Machines & Supplies/Digital Tools/Distressing Tools
E - Embellishment Center/Essentials/Eyelets
F - Fabric/Fibers/Floors/Flow ers
G - Glitter
H - Have A Place For Everything & Everything In It's Place!
I - Idea-ology!/Ink Storage/Inspiration Board/Inventory
J - Jars/Journaling Station
K - Kits
L - Labels/Lighting
M - $Mad Money/Memorabilia/Metals
N - Negatives
O - Office Supplies/Overlays
P - Paint/Page Protectors/Paper Punches/Pattened Paper/Pegboards/Photo Storage/Plastics/Powders
Q - Quotes & Sayings
R - Recycled items/Resources/Ribbon/Ri bbon Remnants
S - Scissors/Scrap Storage/Shopping Lists/Sewing Supplies/Signs/Sketches/S pring Clean!/Stamping Station/Steampunk/Sticker s/Stickles/Style/Swaps & Challenges
T - Templates & Tool References/Themes/Tool Storage
U - Unfinished Projects
V - Vellum Quotes
W - Walls/Window Treatments/Wish List/Wooden Supplies/Word Art/Writing Tools
X - Xtras (if any!)
Y - Yarn
Z - Ziplocks

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1. Kelly (KellyCali) (hostess) = DONE!
2. Karen (Karen3066) (co-hostess) = DONE!
3. Sarah (Sarah-Scraps)
4. Nati (Mrs. Tristan)
5. Tina (Tina scraps)
6. Katharine (klsteven)
7. Terri (kirasmommy) = DONE!
8. (madmatter)
9. Nancy (Homesclscrapper)
10. Melissa (melissa* 1)
11. Susan/Tante (johnsusan8)
12. Tricia (One Crafty Mom)
13. Becky (Becky Scraps)
14. Shirley (Jellyziva)
15. Janet (BamaBug)
16. Cyndi (cynscrapgirl)
17. Steph (scrappinsteph)

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* Kelly (KellyCali) (hostess) = DONE! Kelly's Scraproom

1. Type Of Space - Scrap Corner
2. Colors/Style/Themes -Blk/Wht/Pink/Green/ Purple/Zebra Stripes/Wonderland/Mixed& amp;Eclectic
3. Main Challenge - Keeping my space clean!...Putting things away...Stacks & Piles!

1. What's Working

- brads (spice jars)
- buttons (jars)
- bling (jars)
- pre-sorting supplies by theme, project & color

2. What's Not

- Alpha Letters (outgrew both the hardware drawer & over-the-door mentioned, most likely transferring to clear jars!) = Solved!

- Extra flowers (not sure how & where I want to store them...most likely it'll be in bowls & jars) = Solved!

- Extra ribbons = Solved!

- Scraps (I've never been completely happy with the way they are sorted...I'm either parring down & going back to an accordian file OR I'm going to store them out in the open, in a med-large bin or basket!) = Solved!

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* Karen (Karen3066) (co-hostess) = DONE! Karen's Scraproom

I love love organization & as Kelly is so aware of I can talk about it anytime!!

1. Type Of Space - Spare bedroom... My scrapspace shares the room with my computer area for school
2. Colors/Style/Themes - mostly black with splashes of color, I love it to mostly be splashes of PINK!
3. Main Challenge - My main challenge is selecting the way that I want to organize!

1. What are some things that are currently working for you? - My favorite storage (that I haven't gotten tired of) is my ribbon storage!

2. What are some things that are NOT working for you? - There are so many things not working for me, hence the remodel

- Scissor storage
- Stickles = DONE!
- Cuttlebug folders
- Ink pads= DONE!
- Paper scraps
- Tools = DONE!

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* Sarah (Sarah-Scraps) Sarah's Scraproom

1. Type of Space - half a room
2. Colours/Style/Theme - my room is all white, and my creations, and scrappy goodies are the colour
3. Main Challenge - Neat containers that keep my things safe from little fingers!

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* Nati (Mrs. Tristan) Nati's Scraproom

1. Type of Space -
2. Colors/Style/Theme -
3. Main Challenge -

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* Tina (Tina scraps)

I am in awe of your organization K! I'm so not organized, but for the last couple of months, I've been slowly purging and organizing things, so I'd love to join this group for inspiration.

1. Type of space: Bf and I share an office/scrap room.

2. Themes/colors: white walls, the only decorations besides our "stuff" are his anime posters (don't get me going, lol).

3. Main challenge: my biggest challenge is actually putting stuff back, but I think it's because not everything actually has an assigned home, and I can never seem to figure out a system that works for me.

My current project has been labeling containers/drawers to things have a defined home.

1. What's working for me: things that are easy to group and can fill a container (whether it's small or big) on their own. My buttons have their own cases, glimmer mist and alcohol inks in small stackable cases, alphas have several drawers of their own.

2. What's not working:
One factor is I go to crops every month, sometimes more often. So I grab specific items I want (ie a bunch of purple embellishments) out of their cases, because I don't want to bring the whole case with me. there's a lot of in and out with my stuff.

sorting/organizing paper. I recently got rid of a vertical shelving system, because I never put things back where they belonged and couldn't find anything anyway. I switched to those 12x12 plastic cases, a couple for cardstock ( which currently are not sorted in anyway) and a couple for patterned paper. those are at least easier to fit in the room, don't take up so much space.

"random" things or stuff I don't keep a lot of - minor amounts of baby/wedding embellies, birthday, etc. they don't warrant a container of their own, but then I lose track of them.

I'm also conflicted about wanting clear storage, so I can see everything, or storage that looks pretty, but then I can't see what's in it.

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* Katharine (klsteven) Katharine's Scraproom

Hi Kelly! Hoping I can learn something here, find some inspiration and finally find a way to organize all this stuff that makes some sense!

1. Type Of Space - dining room table & a bookshelf
2. Colors/Style/Themes - nothing specific
3. Main Challenge - working on the dining room table and having to share my space with the rest of the family

1. What are some things that are currently working for you?

- vertical storage
- dividing things in to like items, i.e. stamping box, ribbon box

2. Followed by, What are some things that are NOT working for you?

- lack of space
- daughter taking my supplies (and not for scrapping)
- lack of space (did I mention that?)

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* Terri (kirasmommy)= DONE! Terri's Scraproom

ooooh me me!! I need this!!

1. Type Of Space - small office 6'X 9' with an L shaped counter top work space
2. Colors/Style/Themes - Two red walls and two white walls. Winnie the Pooh stamped across the top of the walls.
3. Main Challenge - Need to purge and reorganize what I have. I haven't done any organization since I moved into the space about 3 years ago. Many things do not have a proper home.

I love all the ideas you have posted. Looking forward to drooling over all of them many more times!!

Thank you for doing this!!

1. What are some things that are currently working for you? - Photos are organized in photo boxes so I can scrap them when I find my desk again. Small bits of ribbon are organized so they can be found and used. It's the rolls of ribbon I have issues with!

2. What are some things that are NOT working for you? - Using my bulletin boards for holding my embellishments. Thought I would use them if I could see them. Nope, they became decorations for the wall! And the above mentioned ribbon rolls issue.

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* (madmatter)

1. current space: scrapping "corner" in the family room with Expedit shelves and desk and a rolling cart

2. style/colors/themes: all the furniture in my corner is black and the family room is olive

3. biggest challenge: zero wall space ... the shelves take up one wall of the corner, and there's no room to put anything on the wall behind my chair. Also, to get to the shelves under the desk, I have to move the chair out of the way and crawl underneath

1. what's working for me: cropper hoppers for cs in rainbow color order, small drawers for chipboard alphas, arranged by letter

2. what's not: no space to keep glimmer mist vertical, drawers are not properly labeled, rest of family uses my scrap desk as a dumping ground

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* Nancy (Homesclscrapper) Nancy's Scraproom

Hi Kelly!

I would love to be organized....with my scrappy goodies. I have everything else in my world organized. Spices are in alphabetical order. Books are by topic and author. Closets are by color and length of sleeve or hem. My papers are organized (for the most part) but the organization embellishments alludes me!

Can't wait for some inspiration an support.

Found you! And I so need to update the photos in my gallery....the ones of my scrappy space.

1. I share space with my husband. I have about..2/3 of a room.

2. The room is a champagne yellow with yellow, blue and burgundy accents.

3. my main challenge would be the organization of embellishments...not flowers. my flowers are are my buttons and ribbons. I guess it is the packaged things. rub ons, alphas, bling.

what works? my paper storage, flower storage, buttons, brads, eyelets, ribbons.

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* Melissa (melissa*l) Melissa's Scraproom

I really need to do this so count me in!!

1. Type Of Space -a desk in the bedroom and small spot in baby's closet for storage
2. Colors/Style/Themes - trying to stay neutral
3. Main Challenge -I am pulling out and putting away all my stuff constantly and it is really putting a damper on my creativity. My other challenge is that I know we will be moving in less than a year so I need my storage to be easily transformable/portable

1. What is currently working is that I do have some things seperated into boxes which are labeled (this works except for embellies for me-see below.) The other thing that really works for me is keeping my paper seperated into page kits instead of in stacks.

2. What isn't working is that I scrap by color and am finding that I hate digging through the box of ribbon to find something red. I want to organize better by how I scrap.

I'll be sure to take some pics so you can all see.

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* Susan/Tante (johnsusan8)


1. Type Of Space - Dining room: 10 ft. long table, Minibox, things on shelves, Living room: Scrapbox, and things on bookshelves, Extra bedroom: things I don't use often, and totes
2. Colors/Style/Themes - natural wood and yellow
3. Main Challenge(s) - procrastination because of perfectionism


1. What's working for me - Scrapbox and Minibox

2. What's not working for me - perfectionism

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* Tricia (One Crafty Mom)

1. Type of Space -
2. Colors/Style/Theme -
3. Main Challenge -

1. What's working -
2. What not working -

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* Becky (Becky Scraps)

1. Type Of Space - Our computer room is slowly turning into a scraproom

2. Colors/Style/Themes - White walls/red carpet. It does really have a theme. I may repaint the walls when I get a chance. Not sure on the color.

3. Main Challenge(s) - Finding time to get it organized. I love organizing but with 3 kids 4 and under and a full time job it's hard to find time.

1. What's working for me: The way I organize my pics. I upload and print what I want to scrap every month. Then I put them in the album they will be in when I finally get to scrap them with the journaling I plan to include.

2. What's not working for me: My paper packs and kits. I have tons of them and they are all starting to pile up. I need to find an organization system for them. I'm open for any ideas??
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* Shirley (Jellyziva) Shirley's Scraproom

1. Type of Space -
2. Colors/Style/Theme -
3. Main Challenge -

1. What's working -
2. What not working -

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* Janet (BamaBug)

1. Type of Space -
2. Colors/Style/Theme -
3. Main Challenge -

1. What's working -
2. What not working -

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* Cyndi (cynscrapgirl)

{Cyndi's Inspiration} By KellyCali

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* Steph (scrappinsteph)

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Inspirational Blogs & Websites!

* art-of...
* http://creativeorganizing
* http://justorganizeyourse

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