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Swap Name: Secret Sister Challenge Swap

***If this swap goes well I will host a new challenge swap every 2 months. This one is pretty easy, but the challenges will get harder as we go. I’m already thinking of some right now.

Host: Mooserific
Sign ups close: October 9th
Sisters assigned: October 10th
Postal Deadline: Saturday, December 4th

Challenge: Fill a small Really Useful Box (found at Staples or Office Depot) with at least 3 different embellishments having to do with a certain theme or color.

Details: Everyone will fill out a survey. In your survey you will pick a color or theme for the embellishments you will receive. You may choose 1 or many (depending on how hard you want to make it for your partner). Partners will have to pick 1 theme/color to do for their sister.

The Really Useful Box should be between .1Liter and .3Liter (about $1-$3 at an office supply store). I gave a size range because certain stores do not carry every size. These boxes need to be filled, packed, bursting with embellishments! You need to include at least three or more different kinds of embellishments (ex: red fiber, red flowers, red glitter… if the theme is red). These items can be from your stash or new.

Here is a link to the RUB product page:

Some suggestions:
Ribbon (at least 12” per piece)
Chipboard shapes/letters
Small ink pads (like cat eye chalk)
Metal embellishments

I am also asking that you include 2 or more NIP items and at least 1 handmade item in your envelope along with the filled box. Just to make it more fun. The NIP items need to equal at least $10. They can either be part of the theme or anything off of your pal’s wish list. The handmade item needs go with the theme/color.

So, to sum it up, you need to include:

1 small really useful box full of embellishments
2 or more NIPs (at least $10 total)
1 handmade item (having to do with your pal's theme/color)

YOU MUST CHECK IN AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK!!! I will be keeping track of this! And let us know when you are postal and when you receive your package.

And… I shouldn’t have to say this but, please don’t flake… it just plain sucks.

Beef up your wish lists and PM me your filled out survey:

Screen name:
Name and Address:
Embellishments you LOVE:
Embellishments you HATE:
Anything you would like to add?

1. Mooserific
2. Valtron
3. NCScrapper13
4. Shelly Anne00
5. AmyinFL
6. scrapbooksuzieq
7. ScrapAngel4
8. Bluucaca
9. EmpressTrahan

= postal

= received

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