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BONUS POINTS: YOU MAY TAKE +10 pts for completing the daily challenge by 11:59 pm (PST) on the same day/date that it was posted for! (SO the 9/2 challenge needs to be completed by 11:59 pm on 9/2 to take the +10 bonus points.)

11/1: Set up your signature and blog for 150 points.

11/2: Start this month off right and give your scrap space a complete cleaning. Put everything away, wipe down your tabletop, sweep or vacuum your floors, and take out your garbage for 150 points. Or, if your room is already clean take 75 points and then pick a problem spot to reorder for another 75 points. You must post before and after photos to get points.

11/3: I already miss the warm weather. Put some sunshine in your page for 130 points. (Sunshine can be the color, a sun, or anything else that inspires you in regards to the sun.)

11/4: Alter something (anything) and use it on a scrapbook page for 125 points, or on a card for 85 points.

11/5: Use this sketch to make a page (from for 300 points:

11/6: With Christmas coming up, let's update our wish list. Add 15 new items to your wish list, and then, because I love seeing what other people shop for, embed those same items to a post in this forum and take 150 points!

11/7: What a wonderful week it has been! And today we have gained an extra hour to do with as we please. So, if it pleases you, spend an hour doing some scrapping for 150 points! If it doesn't please you to spend an hour scrapping, then you must be ill. lol (You can complete this challenge any day this month. It is not a today-only challenge.)

11/8: It is national bread month. Since bread crust is brown, incorporate brown paper (can be patterned)/cardstock on your layout for 150 points or on your card for 75 points.

11/9: So Tuesday's challenge (you may take same day points for doing this Wednesday) is to use something on your layout you FORGOT you had Dig through your stash and find something you don't remember having and use it for 150 points on a LO, 75 points on a card.

11/10: Use this sketch from for 300 points, 150 if you use it on a card

Pagemaps Sketch for Nov AGC By Katiemylady

11/11: This is an oldie but a goody. Hand or machine stitch on your LO for 150 points, 75 points for a card. If you have never tried this, do it, it adds a whole new dimension to your project!

11/12: It's FRIDAY! Give yourself 150 points for making it through the week!

11/13: I love to mix fonts in my titles, usually stemming from the lack of certain letters of one style So your mission is to use two or more fonts in your title. Take 300 points for this challenge 150 for a card.

11/14: use a butterfly (or butterflies) on your LO for 250 points. 125 on a card.

11/15: I am a huge fan of handwritten journaling. So today- use your own handwriting on a LO for 100pts

11/16: Find an Ad in a magazine and scraplift it. Must post the magazine ad for credit 300pts

11/17: Use a song lyric as either a title or a quote on a page 150 points

11/18: Alter an embellishment using ink or paint before using 100pts get an additional 50 points for combining two different embellishments into one

11/19: Curl up with a cup of something hot and read a good book to relax for half an hour 100 points

11/20: Have someone else write on your page- or include a child's letter, or someone else's writing in some way on your page. 150 points

11/21: Use a twitter update (tweet) or facebook-status (real or made up) on a LO 135 Poinits

11/22: I am just loving glimmer mist and ribbon these days! Use one of them on a lo for +75 points, use both and take +150 points!

11/23: Tell all of us what food you are looking forward to the most... +100 points

11/24: I have made is a personal goal to try to use my cricut on almost everything I do... So today's daily is to use a die cut for +150 points.. If you have no access to die cuts, use a stamp for same points!

11/25: daily is enjoy yourself and eat too much food!! +150 points

11/26:So sorry this is soooo very late, but I totally forgot I had a challenge to do today!! WEnt shopping earlyyyyy this morning, napped, snacked, went back in town for a movie and mc d's play place!! I love having black friday off!!! Anyways, so today's challenge is to treat yourself! Buy some new scrappy stuff, whatever your heart desires!! Each item is worth +50 points, limit 6! Must post picts to take the points!!

11/27: under the video tab are some new techniques... pick one, and use it on a lo for +300 and a card for +200... when you post it, tell us very briefly explain to us how you did it.

11/28: lets spread some love today! for every love you leave take 4 points... limit +150 points... Feel the love everyone!!

11/29: My blog has been seriously neglected so today I challenge you to blog! Blog about what you are thankful for this month, your holiday decorations, or your Christmas wish list! Take your pick. 150 points.

11/30: change your avatar for 150 points!


All you have to do is participate in one of the Progressive Challenges designed by Ms. Schwiet! There is one starting right about now (9 am) and here is the link for that one: And there will be a link for the Saturday @ 6pm one in a few hours (i'm hosting that one.) You can participate after the fact too. Now why am I giving you this bonus challenge? b/c #1, you are going to tell that I sent you & #2, the Progressives also use a points system to determine winners (there are also random winners). So any points you earn in the Progressive Challenge Today (9 am or 6pm EST) OR TOMORROW SUNDAY @ 11 AM EST, you will get to add to your points total for AGC! WOO HOO!

You get points for a few things: each LO based on the Progressive Completed=50 pts (there were/are going to be 5 FIVE Progressives since WED, so you can earn up to 250 pts bonus pts! Just for completing each one.)

You MUST play Along to get these points (that means be here at 9am or 6 pm EST TODAY OR SUNDAY @ 11AM EST and do your LO while the challenge is going on): ; If you are the 1st to finish=15 pts; 2nd=10 pts; 3rd=5 pts; Invite a friend and the friend plays=5 pts/friend; Send in your votes when the challenge closes=5 pts; you get from 25-15 pts per challenge if you are the winner of the pm'd votes or the polls put up for the whole community. PLUS there are bonus point options too! One time, after a progressive weekend I had 510 pts, wouldn't it be awesome to add 510 pts to your totals!

You can also earn points by doing a LO for the mini-progressive Catch-Up-A-Thon, 1st LO=25 pts; every LO after that that meets the criteria=10 pts Here is the link for the catch-up-athon:

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