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Daily 11/2:
Start this month off right and give your scrap space a complete cleaning. Put everything away, wipe down your tabletop, sweep or vacuum your floors, and take out your garbage for 150 points. Or, if your room is already clean take 75 points and then pick a problem spot to reorder for another 75 points. You must post before and after photos to get points.

LOVE this one! This I can and need to do!

I Love This One Too! But I'm A Bit Embarassed To Show Before Photos.. It's Amazing How It Can Be SO Messy & I Havn't Really Used It In What 2 Months *lol* But I Am Looking Forward To Going Thru Those Shopping Bags Of New Goodies *Big Grin* I Also Can't Wait To See Everyone's Spaces! That's One Of My Favorite Things To See! It's So Interesting To See How Everyone Decorates & Organizes Thanks Melissa, It's Great To Be Back! I Must Say I Love Having You All As Friends On Facebook So I Can Keep In Touch In Everyone's Day To Day Lives *Hugs*

I am SOOOOO embarrassed by my scraproom! It is filled with boxes of stuff I ordered online or got in swaps and have yet to unpack! It is such a mess!!! I really haven't scrapped for like 2 weeks because I just cannot face going into my scraproom and facing the mess!!! I NEED this challenge! I think it should be worth 10,000 pts with all the work I have to do! I am going to need some encouragement ladies!!! So I will post pictures of the mess I took last night when I go get my camera out of my car, I think I can upload pics to the school computers---well, we will see--and then I need suggestions or words of encouragement!

Good to see you back Andrea!

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