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A Progressive Challenge is done quickly and in's like scrapbooking meets Simon Says with a touch of choose your group's adventure. Or it could be described as going to a virtual crop since we chat and scrap at the same time. Here's why a virtual crop can be great:

~*~ there's no pressure to buy more scrap supplies (like you need more)

~**~ it's from the comfort of your own home (including the scream/fighting kids, hubby that needs your help finding something you miss placed, crying baby, and bothersome calls from the MIL)

~***~ your supplies don't have to be packed and unpacked (because they're right where you left them- or at least that's where you thought you left it)

Join me today at 9 AM Eastern time for round ONE and join Megan at 6 PM Eastern for round two (you do NOT have to do both). At the selected time of the day, I will give directions for you to follow approximately every 15 minutes until the challenge/layout is complete. I will not even know the how the layout will turn out because you all will help make decisions as I narrate a story. It’s like a choose your own adventure scrapbook challenge.

Today’s narrative is about picking out left-overs.

If you want to play for points we have catch-up-athon to earn points and we have more progressive challenges Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We'll have a 1st and 2nd place winner plus a random winner to earn a little RAK.

catch-up-athon is here:

For today’s progressives you will need common scrap supplies and 1 or 2 or 3 pictures to be decided at the time of the challenge. The first step will be either using a sketch or scraplifting, so you can get a head start on finding what you'll want to use.

You must follow the steps and you should not peek ahead if you are doing the page after the fact. You must do what the step says, but you can do more if you would like. For example if the step calls for adding embellishments and you’re told to add two you could add three.

You can play with me at that time I give the directions or you can follow later following the order when you get a free chance.

Some sneak peeks:
*Step one: find a sketch or a LO to scraplift
**Step two: paper selection and placement
***Step three: adding pictures
****Step four: adding handmade embellishments adding including newest goodies
*****Step five: adding "more" to the page
******Step six: adding the title

*Your lo has to be new as of the day the challenge, hence a progressive challenge.
**Upload your lo here within 24 hours of the last direction
***Single or double page LO's are fine. Any size is allowed too! Paper only as the directions are for that type
****When the challenge has been closed, pm me your favorite layout within 24 hours of the challenge close time
*****Don’t vote for yourself as you will get a vote from me for sending in your vote.
******You can start the challenge at anytime within the 24 hours
*******You MUST follow each direction step-by-step one at a time, NO sneak peeks

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