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Well another day down in the USA. Great day actually, another sleep in then a little shopping, I finally got the black wool jacket I'd been wanting for ages so I feel a little smarter now rather than having what I call a 'snow' coat on all the time.

We then went on the duck boat thingy, half land half water, that was fabulous we got to see things that we would never have otherwise seen and saw things we wish we could stay another day to see that we didn't previously know about, Great sail around the big bay here (forgotten the name of it already), but it was impressive, we were the only ones on the tour so we got to know the driver really well and he wants to take Bob fishing before we go back so of course he was pretty stoked.

Followed up by dinner back at F? Changs, I know its a chain restaurant, but it is the nicest chinese food we've tasted, we had different dishes tonight and they were just as good as the ones we had the other night.

Bags are packed and we head off to Oregon tomorrow, a little nervous about finding my way around a strange and big railway station but once the bags are booked in and we are sitting down I just know I am going to love it, have wanted a train ride for a long time and really looking forward to seeing Oregon. Still can't wait to get to Erin's though.

Marlene glad the meeting went OK and it sounds like you are getting the 12 months that you need at work....I should send a big smack on the hand across cyber space for shopping...ahhhhQ!!!

Well off to bed, talk next from Oregon...cheers my friends.

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