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It's possible to scrap a whole book in a week,,,,a whole book usually consists of 20 scrapped pages,,,,,

I would recommend an 8x8 book, however, as opposed to a 12x12, as they are cheaper, easier, faster, and use less product on a page,,,,,

You'll need a scrapbook, which will probably cost you about 10-20 bucks,,,,,,you'll need some paper,,,I'd go with an 8x8 stack,,,,,,10-20 dollars, depending on stack,,,,,use coupons for the most expensive purchase, and if you bring someone with you, you can use TWO coupons (if they take an item to the counter to pay for it),,,,that should help cost,,,,

what may be difficult for you is the cost of things you may not HAVE to make a scrapbook,,,,a trimmer, for example,,,,,adhesive, etc,,,,

I think if you keep it simple, don't go overboard on things like stickers, etc, you could get something rather nice done up in a week if you hustle

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