Username Post: Buy anything that you LOVE within the last week?
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  • naf Said:
Cricut Cartdriges!!!... I got a cricut "E" as Christmas present and I already bought a gyspsy and I've been buying cartridges like CRAZY (so far I have 15 carts in just a week owning the "E" ) .... funny thing: I always said I would never ever own a cricut...never say never uh.... I love my cricut and the carts are just too cute..Now I'm trying to fall in love with my gypsy....

Wow! 15 in a week? Thats got to be a record! lol Good for you...enjoy your Cricut. Carts are addicting. I hope you're not paying full price for them-NEVER pay full price! You may also want to check out SCAL...I have not purchased a font cart since. More $$$ for image carts =)

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