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I've been scrapbooking special occasions for 15 years now. I'm just starting to look into all the cool new ways to embellish the pages. Typically I just use all sorts of card stock, stickers, and pre-cut dies, nothing fancy. After looking at blogs, galleries, and forum I've decided it's time to improve my hobby. I'm looking to buy one of the many die-cut machines and would also like it to do embossing (even though I'm not sure I understand what that means). The suppliers’ websites are not very helpful at explaining the product. I'm unclear, with certain machine do you have to use a die you have and simply make a copy? Then with the circuit I keep hearing about the cartilages, does it not do anything without one? What about hooking it up to a computer and using their software? My main concern is spending loads of money on a machine that won't do much without spending even more money for the accessories. Also if you like variety using the same lettering style over and over would get old. Any advice/knowledge would be great. I tried reading other forums, but they were way over my head!


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