Username Post: How would you scrap 2 decades of photos?
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Knowing what you know from all your experience of scrapping, how would you plan this project if you were faced with this situation:

2 kids aged 16 (B) and nearly 21 (G)
all their photos from birth to now
very basic craft tools (no cardstock/paper/cutting machines etc)
lots of art and craft skills but no scrapbooking knowledge
single working mom budget for time and money

I'd really like to take this project on, possibly later this year. The kids each want a book of their own and I want a book(s)to keep. I just don't know where to start with planning such a massive project. I'm working on a couple of 8x8 albums right now to learn some basics before I commit to the big project.

I'm very interested to see how people with experience would approach this task. How would you do it? What tools would be worth buying? How long would it take you? Would you take a long time planning or jump right in and get started right away? Would you duplicate pages between the child and mom's albums knowing that eventually the mom's albums would go to one of the children or would you use entirely different photos? Would you use the same set of colors ie pastels/brights/muted throughout a large album or do each double page according to photos? etc etc.

I'd love to hear how you would do it, knowing what you know now that you have experience.

Many many thanks to anyone who answers!

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