Username Post: How would you scrap 2 decades of photos?
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Wow! I am impressed you want to take all this on, I can only imagine how overwhelmed you must feel.

My best advice to you to get started is to sort through your pictures. You don't have to scrap everyone of them, but go through and make a stack for each album. If you are going to journal on the page I might also have a post its or a notepad nearby to right down your initial thoughts, dates, people, story, etc.

You might want to start with the most recent photos or the ones that inspire you the most. You can do the pages and then put them in the book in any order you want.

As for tools, basic trimmer, scissors and adhesive and maybe a package of cardstock to get you started. I think has basic tool kit in the store to give you an idea.

I hope that helps in getting started, the rest is more subjective on your taste, style and preference.
Have fun!

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