Username Post: How would you scrap 2 decades of photos?
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Jill has a lot of great points.

Remember - You do NOT have to scrapbook every single photo! Par down the photos you have into a manageable pile -- a few events/themes per year (thinking things like birthdays, sports/other activities, camp, trips). Then par those events/themes down into just a few photos for each. Decide whether you need one photo or more to tell the story.

Honestly, any albums I give to others are much more simple than what I do for myself. And I don't mean that they're more simply embellished/designed. More that where I may do 6 or more pages for an event/theme, they may get one double-page spread. That is the way I would approach your kids albums. More as an overview (maybe 2-3 two-page layouts per year of life) and allow yourself to scrap more in depth for yourself.

As for colors, etc. -- my albums do not match (rephrase: wedding albums I've done for myself and friends are done in a matching color palette; my every day albums are not).

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