Username Post: How would you scrap 2 decades of photos?
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I too am working on a project like this that goes back to 1992. NOW was the time for me to seriously make a plan to get caught up within this year. I tried to scrap whatever but ended up with 40 pages completed for some years and 6 pages for other years.
Here's what I finally came up with:
1. sort about 15 boxes of pictures. I jot down notes and dates as I go and stick that in with the pics. I arrange all in boxes chronologically (with paper dividers) EXCEPT for the events I want extra nice scrapping. These special events are stacked in another place by events -- like all the past Christmases are together, all the falls, all the birthdays,ect. These are categories I chose as major importance. I set a goal to get this done by the end of January, I have been working on it and will make it!!
2. All the plain scrapping pictures I want to put on white paper, add a few notes, then these go into my albums chronologically. After Jan, I will set a goal for this, like a box a week. If I complete all my years I can always go back and scrap the plain pictures.
3. For the ready to be scrapped pictures, I will take a day, week or weekend and work on only one event, like all birthdays. This works for me and I like using the newest techniques in a ten years ago album! All pages are in albums chronologically. I have 13 albums ready dated with repositional stickers.

Since I got this idea to proceed like this, in my spare time I have scoured and marked layouts that fit into my categories. When I am ready to do football pictures, I will get out all those "football" ideas for inspiration and all my pages won't look alike. It is easier for me to go to crops and only take one event's "stuff". I don't think it will bother me to work on 10 Thanksgivings to completion but I am sure this is not for everyone.

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