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8 square feet is all the room I can find because our place is pretty small for a family of three. I like the idea of going vertical. I hadn't even thought of that. lol

Unfortunately I live in Oklahoma so I don't have an Ikea nearby, I don't think there are even any in the state. I have seen some of the plastic drawers like in scrappymamas' pic at Wal-Mart though. Do those work well?

Also my mom used to have a big plastic suitcase type thing with one large empty compartment and a clear lid on the front that opened to a skinny compartment for papers. Does anyone know where I might find something like that and if that would work well for any extra spillover. So I could put extra in a closet.

I am asking because I know I am going to end up with a lot of stuff no matter how I try to restrain myself. I went into Hobby Lobby once just to waste some time between appointments. I had no intention to buy anything but I came back out with two bags full of scrap paper and stickers. It's almost like an obsession to me. Must buy scrapping stuff, must buy scrapping stuff. lol

If you aren't too far from Dallas we have an Ikea on the north side. I love that place. I am not allowed to go there alone. I don't have a very large scrapping space. I went vertical and I have those plastic drawer bins under my desk. It's all about organization and labeling. I also put all my stickers on a cork board (organzied by subject/theme)next to my desk. I had them in a photo box but kept forgetting I had them. The best kind of plastic storage is CLEAR...that way you can see what is inside the bin. Good luck!

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