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This is what I use as a trash can when I go to crops. Only, I made mine reusable and it collapses for traveling. I used a tall square one and carefully opened the sides being sure not to tear the flaps. I then put an eyelet on one flap, tied a piece of ribbon through the eyelet, and then attached a large brad somewhat loosely on the other flap. I did this on both sides. When I go to a crop and want my table top trash can, I open the box and the flaps, and wrap the ribbons around the brads (which is why you want the brads a little loose to allow room for the ribbon). This keeps it open and ready. When I'm ready to leave the crop (or just need to empty it), I open one of the sides by unwrapping the ribbon, empty the trash into a trash can, unwrap the ribbon on the other side and collapse my box. It folds flat and fits right inside my Iris keeper with my unused kits. I would post a picture of it, but I'm not at home right now. I hope I've explained it well enough, though, that you get the idea! I made this because I'm used to a small table top trash can at home but it wasn't something that could travel very well, and I hate using grocery bags taped to the side of the table as a trash bag (which is what I've always seen at crops!). Hope you try this out and like it! (And because it's reusable, you can decorate it however you want!)

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