Username Post: VCW Week #224 - Making NEW friends and Renewing the old!
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So yesterday I spent over 3 hours working on some stuff for the attorney investigating some things with my former employer. I half wish none of it had ever started. And I can't really go into too many details here. But it is started. And they got personal...lies and personal now it cannot stop at this particular juncture.

So by the time I got done working on it all...I was fried. Mentally. Emotionally. I was angry. I was depressed. I am feeling very .... I don't trust anyone right now....I don't even trust my own judgement about who my true friends are anymore...with only a couple of exceptions.

So after it was done. I took a long hot shower. I got in my gas sucking-SUV, which has hardly left my house in the last 3 weeks (cause I've hardly left my house in the last 3 weeks) and I drove an hour away to a sb store that was going out of business. Walked out with a whole pile of stuff at 50% off. (my garage sale money, so it's all good). She then told me about another store on the opposite side of the city that was also going out of business. I figured since I'd already driven that far, what the heck. I did some serious damage there at 40% off. BUT, I didn't buy for the sake of buying. I bought things I truly believe I will use in Jamie's book and his soon-to-be little sister's book. Or in my new room. I had hoped to come out with a nice little spin-rack that I could use similar to the floor model clip-it-up, but that was not to be. They were sold already.

I ran some other needed errands while I was down there. Had a semi-stressful, stormy, stuck behind accidents, heavy traffic kinda drive home, but was in no particular hurry.

Came home to dinner ready, a quiet eveing watching stupid TV with hubby, snuggles and snores. And no mention of the morning's events.

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