Username Post: New here need some sadvice on starting out!(PLEASE)!
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I am new to this I have purchased paper.But no scrapbook.I wanted something cheap to start out with I don't even think I want a scrapbook
I think I will go for?
photo album 3 ring binder.Sold color so I can add some glitter glue and some stick on tattoos.

I think I will also take all of my cereal bags out of the boxes and use the cardboard.And cut it to fit inside the album and glue the card stock to the cardboard.

I have also decided to make a movie based scrapbook I am a big fan of action movies mostly "Jason Statham","Jet Li" and so on I would like to make a scrapbook based on there movie and them.

Like for instance do (2) pieces of cardstock one on each side of the cereal box and on the front side do a picture of the actor maybe in the center and a few icon size pictures of my favorite movie covers glues around on the paper.And then on the other side of the cereal box do information from different movie sites.

Such as something like "Jason statham" movie Titled:The mechanic(Released-01/28/2 011)Box office:$29,113,588

(EXAMPLE>I enjoyed think movie because he always packs so much action into all of his movies ("AND SO ON!")

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