Username Post: August Subject Challenge: Making Waves
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1. DreaSlee
Kings Beach, CA By DreaSlee

2. denayc
Dolphin Watch By Denayc

3. Pebblesh
Making Waves By Pebblesh

4. SupperAllyFan (Kimmi)
Splash! By SuperAllyFan

5. leokc34 (Kimberly)
NIagara Falls By Leokc34

6. Forevervampress (Celina)
Baby Beluga By Forevervampress

7. Pretty Lady (Christina)
Grow PG1 By Pretty Lady

8. m.perk (Michelle)
Swim like the Fishes By M.perk

9. AllAmy (Amy)
Admit One- Water Slides By AllAmy

10. PamStewart.Iowa (Pam)
Waves By PamStewart.Iowa

11. ScrappinFan19 (Lynette)
Catch a Wave By ScrappinFan19

12. Krissea
Shark Encounter By Krissea

13. Scraphappynicole (Nicole)
Summer vacation, my pretty princess By Scraphappynicole

14. Vivian Lake (Vivian)
beach By Vivian Lake

15. MSD
Splish Splash Splash **Best Creations** By MSD

16. scrapnessy
Coast to Coast By Scrapnessy

17. dollscrap
Go Fish By Dollscrap

18. Blue Elephant
Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge By Blue Elephant
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