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The book of me challenge was inspired by an amazing group of ladies who have made me laugh….cry and realize how precious every moment truly is, how different we all are and how precious each of us is…..but most of all how at the end of the day we all just want to be loved and accepted for who we are.

We all get so caught up in life and I believe sometimes lose sight of ourselves. We are daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, significant others, professionals, friends…..we cook, clean, fix scrapped knees and broken hearts, we are taxis, coaches, teachers, vets, mechanics, accountants, counselors, the list is endless and the hats we wear are to many to count. We are everything to everyone and even when we feel like we are drowning in it we persevere because we are strong…sometimes much stronger than we even give ourselves credit for!!. When we have a moment to sit quietly at our desks it is usually to make a card for a friend or scrap a LO of our families & friends. I am challenging each of us to spend some time thinking about ourselves….the things that make us happy, sad, afraid…..the things we can’t wait to brag about and the things we wish would just go away…..remember YOU are wonderful just the way YOU are!!!

There are no real requirements to being a part of this challenge just that you enter this forum with a kind, open, honest, loving heart. That you don’t EVER judge and if you don’t have something nice or encouraging to say….say nothing at all!! This will be an on going challenge because there will always be more to add!!! I would ask that when you begin you set a personal goal of how many LO’s you would like to have finished by the end of the year. (We will start over with new goals in 2012) This is just a goal to help you stay motivated if you don’t meet your goal it’s not a big deal….if you exceed it WOOO HOOO good for you!!! I will post LO ideas/challenges every other week. Participate if you want or not…..You can choose to work on the posted challenges or work on your own ideas….remember this is YOUR book….its all about YOU!!!! Share what you are comfortable sharing….learn…grow and have FUN!!! Please check in once a week so we know you are still an active member.

I am TOTALLY open to ideas for the ideas/challenges and encourage you to share what you have already created or would like to work on.

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