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LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG day yesterady. Left home at 7:45, got home and 7:15. 6.5 hours of depositions. (On a good note, it's the first time the hosting office has ever provided lunch!) Yeah, just TRY typing furiously for 6 solid hours, in one position, and see how you hold up. My arms were pretty much spaghetti by the time I was driving home.

Swung by M's on my way into town (see previous post about 40% off Slice card). Then picked up Ethan from Kim's and brought him to our place for the night. Arrived home to find out that the A/C was fritzed. Jim had called the fix-it guy and was waiting on a return call.

Ethan & I put on our suits and jumped in the pool next door for awhile. (We've discovered that "no swimming until homework is done" is a great motivator!) Before it was over, this kid who nearly drowned less than 2 months ago was dog paddling about halfway across the pool. Still not enough to let him go in by himself (unless he has on a swim vest), but it's progress.

A/C guy came & discovered that something had gotten in our garage and chewed some wires. They were touching each other and causing a short in the system. On the one hand, I don't like thinking that there was something in my garage. OTOH, I'm glad it was an easy fix.

Now typing all day today, until I go get Ethan this afternoon. He'll be here again tonight (Mommy has class early in the morning), and we're already planning to swim and "drill" (grill) hot dogs for supper.

I'll check in later!

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