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Welcome to the Secret pal Swap!
Nikilynn and I will be co-hosting this swap


1. In order to join this swap, you must have 1000 posts or be a sister with us already in good standing, or have another swap member that will vouch for you. If you don't have these things, contact Nikilynn or myself and we will decide. We want new people to sign up and have fun in our swap, but since this is a 25.00 minimum, we have to make sure everyone who participates will complete the swap! Thank you for understanding!

2. This swap will officially begin on October 2 , 2011.

3. When sign-ups are closed (October 1),
Nikilynn and I will send each participant the name and information of your LITTLE sister sometimes on the October 1 or 2.

4. This swap has a MINIMUM of $25.00 each month. You are required to spend at least that amount EACH month on your swap partner for three months NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING COSTS!

5. You would not put your name on the package/envie so you will remain a secret. It's a good idea to use a family members name as the return address, a trusted neighbor, or you can put your hubby to good use and use his name! You can also order directly from and tell them that the gift is for a secret sister swap and they will block out your name and information for you.

6. You can look up your partners profile to get some ideas of what to send. They have also been instructed to update their wish list.

7. You MUST check into this thread AT LEAST once a week as your real self and once a week as your alternate secret sister ID. Communication is vital in this swap because the purpose of this swap is to get to know your fellow swappers! You'll get more out of this swap the more you post, and your ss can get more ideas as to what to send you. Nikilynn and I will NOT be keeping track of posts though, if you don't hear from your sister in a while, just let us know so we can find out what is going on. I want all of us to have a wonderful time this round. Remember that everyone enjoys feeling spoiled and having someone in the swap make them feel special by leaving notes.

8. Secret sisters will end on December 20, should reveal who you are to your sister on that date here on this thread.

9. Never hesitate to pm Nikilynn or me if you have any questions, or need to know something specific from your SS.

10. Please mail your RAKS/gifts/cards out no later than: October 15, November 15, and December 15th. That should give the package time to arrive before end of the month.

11. Have fun, chat, share lo's, anything goes in this thread!

12. You must have at least 1000 posts in order to sign up. If you have fewer than that, Nikilynn and I will need to pre-approve you joining. If you have flaked on this swap or not followed the rules before, don't bother signing up.

13. To sign up, send me a PM with this information:
Screen Name
Email address
Phone number
Do you collect anything?
Favorite snack
List of things you would like to receive (as an addition/alternative to things your wishlist which you will keep updated).

Secret Sister Basics:

1) Create an additional ID to log on to (so you can communicate with your ss on the thread and send PMs, etc.)You do have to contact your sister on this thread AT LEAST once a WEEK (preferably more!) A good idea is to post when you mail out a package and "tease" them about some of the goodies included!

2) Send a card. (a snail mail card or an e-card are always great to receive!)

3) Type a letter or note to your sis. Be sneaky and devious.

4) Remember, it doesn't have to be scrap stuff only but should include some scrap stuff too!

5) This round I will NOT be keeping track of posts each week. If you haven't heard from your big sister though, please pm Nikilynn or myself so we can take care of it. You are responsible for letting us know if you haven't heard from your big sister so we can contact her. Nikilynn and I will be keeping track of your packages though so please remember to post when you receive a package. Thank you so much girls!


5. TINA N.
10. TINA M.

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