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Hello Everyone! I am going to be hosting a Christmas swap. I am opening it to $25.00 level and $75.00 level...wish list scrapping stuff and surprises. The levels of money DO NOT include shipping costs. You MUST spend at the very least the amount that you sign-up for. Do not send in
items based on retail price, only what you paid for the items. If you get a big sale on items, pass those on to your sister! Remember that every body who participates wants to receive great items as well. Please do your best and treat your pal as you would want to be treated!

I will take sign-ups until the places or filled or October 15, whichever comes first then I will pass out your Christmas pal shortly after. You will have a month and 1/2 to shop for your sister and packages need mailed by the end of November.

Items sent out must be new, in original package.

EVERYONE IS REQUIRED TO CHECK IN ONCE A WEEK! This is a very expensive swap and I am trying to make sure nobody who participates gets flaked on! Do not sign up if you won't complete it. I am only accepting people I know from previous swaps or people who have at least 1000 posts.

All Christmas gifts must be wrapped up in Christmas paper and postmarked by November 30, 2011

As part of this swap, you can send your sister a card, a pm, some surprises in the mail before the final package. It isn't required to do that, but it is nice! It makes it a lot of fun too.

I will add more details about everything when it gets closer to giving out Christmas pals. I am just doing the basic rules and information for now.

To sign up, please pm me the following information:

Screen Name:
Phone number (not to be given out but for my own information only to make sure everything is going okay)
List of goodies you'd like to receive.
Which price group are you signing up for(25.00 or 75.00)
Are you willing to send out of country?
Candy or snack food preferences?
Favorite color?
Anything you would like that isn't scrapping stuff?

Thank you girls! I did this once and it was so much fun!

$25.00 level
1. Nikilynn*
2. Tina*
3. Jennifer*
4. Ariana*
5. Nancy*
6. Betty*
7. Jessica*
8. Trisha
9. Kimberly #2

$75.00 level closed for sign-ups
1. Kimberly*
2. Kimberly #2*
3. Jennifer*
4. Ariana*
5. Maricella*
6. Alma*
7. Megan Ann*
8. Victoria*
9. Nikilynn*
10. Christine*
11. Shelly*

*means I have your survey

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