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Hope the headache STAYS away.

Took Ethan home last night and stayed to join Kim and David & Makenzie (David is a cousin thru Jim's family - both are in college) to watch Dr Who. We had a lot of fun - when I left, "the boys" (David & Ethan) were having a Nerf gun fight.

I have to tell dear daughter...she got AT&T Uverse this week. Loves it, but it took 3 visits by installation guys to (hopefully) get it right. So the 3rd guy - Devyn - was over there yesterday when I got there with Ethan. He was there nearly two hours...and had the job done within one. Yeah, he was definitely disappointed to see me & Ethan show up. So, apparently, he'd given Kim his direct cell phone number to call if she had any more problems. She used it to text a "thanks for coming out on a Saturday" message....and within an hour they were tentatively making plans to get together next weekend.

HOW does this child DO this!?!?!?!?!

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