Username Post: How do you organize your ribbon?
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Mine are like CommaHolly's too except the chipboard is a different size and they fit perfectly into Iris lidded containers (my chipboard is 6 x 9).

I keep an empty Iris container for when I go to crops --I just pull whatever colors I'm going to need from my permanent storage and put them into the travelling container and I'm good to go.

Small scraps used to go in open glass jars on a shelf but I've recently re-done my scrap area so they are in limbo right now. Currently they are in a ziploc baggies by color stowed away in storage bins. I'm still planning to mount some wall shelves in my re-done work area so they may come back out of hiding.

I wish I had a proper scrap room because having things out in the open and VISIBLE is the best for me --I use what I can see. (Would love to do ribbon rings like Sunnydi). But since my scrap area is part of my living room I prefer to keep most supplies out of sight so the room looks (mostly) tidy.

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