Username Post: How would you store LOTS of paper?
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Hi all,
Last week I spent some dedicated time cleaning up and re-organizing my attic scrapbook nook ( see pics and floorplan at ) I'm very proud and excited to get some scrapbooking done before the snow makes the room too cold to work in!

Along with some minor things the only part left is to improve the placement of my 12x12 paper.

I have **14** vertical storage boxes worth of scrapbook paper (and some that just sit between the boxes!), sorted by color, color family, theme and a few brand collections. I LOVE the vertical storage, so I don't want to change that, but I need to change how those containers are placed. Currently they are stored on two heavy duty, deep storage shelves, placed "face forward" (flat side facing me so I file through them front to back and then right to left). The trouble is two-fold: the shelves are STILL bowing, even though they are "heavy-duty-meant-for-gar age-stuff" type of shelving, and though I work with the color and theme sections well enough, I find that I don't use my "color family" paper as much because there are a lot of them and it seems to take a looong time to file through them all to find what I want. The shelves are currently configured as two sets of three shelves. I am considering taking the top shelves off and making three sets of two shelves, re-homing some of my items and then storing my paper sideways, just one paper holder deep, across the three top shelves. The biggest problem with that is it will take up more floor space and it will render the "back side" of those shelves somewhat less useful (though I have "some" less frequently used stuff I can probably store behind my papers). Anyone else successfully storing their large paper collections in vertical boxes? Check out my scrapbook room pics and the floor plan to understand what space I'm talking about.
Dawn in NJ

I think this is what I would do If I was you!
I store mine in 30 gallon see thru totes and put the paper like you have it. But I can take down the appropriate tote and find what I want when I need to. These stack nicely so I can go up about 4 totes or 8 if I want to go to the ceiling but then I can't reach! But this system works for me. The totes are heavy storage ones with a sealing lid to keep out pets and dust. I think they cost about $6-10 when I bought them for moving in 2005. But stared using them and liked them so well, I kept them.

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